Pavement Type Selection

Pavement type selection is the process of selecting a pavement type - asphalt or concrete - for a particular roadway.  This process should be based on the best value for the taxpayer, and not on a particular industry "needing the work."  This process should be objective, defensible, understandable, based on historical records, primarily driven by economics, and periodically reviewed.  Asphalt pavements have many advantages that should be considered in the pavement type selection process, including:

  • Low initial cost
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Flexibility and speed of construction
  • The ability to handle heavy loads
  • Long life
  • Complete recyclability
  • Environmental, social, and economic sustainability

For the Asphalt Pavement Alliance's position paper on pavement type selection, click here.


An executive summary is available here.


Georgia DOT's pavement type selection process can be found here. (Chapter 10)