Engineered to Last

Asphalt mixtures can be specifically engineered for particular applications - and not just for roads. Asphalt has been used to line reservoirs for drinking water, fish hatcheries, water pipes, and industrial retention ponds.  It has also been used for horse tracks, bike and hiking trails.  And as for roads - even those conditions can vary widely.  Asphalt pavements are used on all types of roads from NASCAR race tracks to interstates to low volume county roads to parking lots.  In fact, approximately 96% of the roads in the nation are paved with asphalt.  And asphalt can be engineered for an optimal design - long-lasting, economical, sustainable, smooth, safe, and quiet. That is why asphalt is the pavement of choice - it's a win-win!

Use the links on the left to learn more about the engineering that goes into asphalt pavements - including perpetual pavements, layer coefficients, rubblization, and the Georgia Department of Transportation's specifications for asphalt mixtures.