Perpetual Pavements


Research has shown that asphalt pavements can be designed to withstand distresses only in the surface lift, and maintain an overall structure that will last indefinitely. These structures, termed perpetual pavements, can be infrequently milled and inlaid every 12 to 20 years without ever needing major reconstruction. The reclaimed material from the top lift is recycled, making perpetual asphalt pavements the ultimate in sustainable design and construction.

For instance, in 2007 over 15 miles of existing asphalt pavement on I-75 near Perry, Georgia were micro-milled 1¼” and overlaid with PEM after 15 years of service and no distresses in the underlying pavement structure. Now, almost four years later, this segment is still performing well. Because the underlying “E” mix was still in such good condition, the rehabilitation strategy cost only one-tenth of the original proposed project cost, which saved millions of Georgia’s taxpayer dollars. This section of I-75 is one of a multitude of asphalt pavement sections throughout the state that have been in place for many years and the pavement structure is still in great condition.

Perpetual Asphalt Pavements: A Synthesis